My favourite detox clay mask

The Bodyshop Seaweed oil balancing clay mask
The Bodyshop Seaweed oil balancing clay mask  

Today’s post as promised is my favourite facial mask and another Bodyshop product. I’ve been continuously using Bodyshop facial skincare products and I love most of the products I have purchased from them.

This Seaweed oil-balancing clay mask by The Bodyshop  is one of the best that I have used thus far. It detoxifies my skin, brings to the surface all the whiteheads hence helping to unclog my pores and as it claims to be an oil- balancing clay mask, I must say, it does just that. It retails at a price of £10 which is quite affordable and comes in a 100ml/ 143g container and it lasts for a long time. I use this once every week and one container has lasted for 6 months.

My Application Method:

  1. First I gently splash hot water on my face and I make sure to press in the water with my hands to help open up my pores.
  2. Then I proceed to apply the mask on a damp face in a circular motion gently exfoliating my skin with it and I apply quite a generous amount, however a little goes a long way
  3. Then I leave it on my face for 30 minutes and make sure it is completely dry before rinsing it off .
  4. After rinsing it off, my face feels so soft and deeply cleansed, I let my face to air dry before moving on to the next step (Note: I don’t use any cloth/ towel to dry my face, I’ve always let it to air dry)
  5. When my face is completely dry, I then use my silk n’ revit microdermabrasion device to extract  all the whiteheads and and exfoliate off the dead skin cells that is on the surface.
  6. Then afterwards I use the Bodyshop Tea Tree skin clearing toner or my Apple Cider Vinegar and water mix to close my pores and prevent or treat current spots.
  7. Lastly I moisturise with The Bodyshop Tea Tree mattifying lotion (click for my blogpost on this product) or the Bodyhsop vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser if I did this process at night time
  8. I repeat these steps once every week to help minimise breakouts and promote clear smooth skin.

I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing this method that my pores are minimised greatly and are less clogged. My skin texture also feels smooth and look more even toned with continued use.

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, for products mentioned visit the Bodyshop for more

Next post on my Day and Night time skincare routine…..

Until Next time Oilysens!



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