So I never thought I would be the type to Co-wash. Here is the issue I had with co-washing or conditioner washing. At first I didn’t understand that it made sense to use conditioners to wash the hair, the only hair washing I was familiar with was shampooing –this was then.

Due to mixed feelings of how well conditioners actually cleansed the hair coupled with my first disastrous fail with co-washing two years ago, I didn’t bother to understand the reason or science behind it.

With that being said, my idea of co-washing is that it has to cleanse my hair thoroughly as well as my scalp, as I am not trying to deal with unnecessary product build up and itchy scalp (not that there is ever time that is necessary). So I chose to find a cleansing co-wash that was actually cleansing or just stick to shampooing with a moisturising or sulfate-free shampoo (after all if it ain’t broke don’t fix it). So on that note, below are some things I expect a Co wash to offer.

 Some key properties I think every co-wash should possess.

  • It has to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp (super important!)
  • Contain some form of cleansing agent or natural surfactants
  • Moisturising (some aren’t)
  • And provide ease of detangling (some does not)


So when I eventually decided to try a Co-washing product, I dabbled onto the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea cleansing Co-wash. I had used the Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi natural deep conditioner which worked well on my hair, but I was sceptical in trying the Coconut Shea cleansing Co wash, why? You guessed it –it is Coconut oil based.

Now I previously read a post where it mentioned that although Coconut oil can be drying for some people’s hair or that some people are sensitive to it, its counterparts (Coconut milk or water) are actually moisturising and preferable to use. Which actually gave me another idea to incorporate the Coconut milk in a DIY hair mask (well another time for that topic).

Best Natural hair products, best Co-wash for low porosity hair, Co-wash, Coconut oil
Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Natural Cleansing Co wash

This Cleansing Co wash has to be the best Coconut oil based product I have ever used that my hair has tolerated. Although I deep condition straight after washing my hair, because if I don’t the drying and stiffening effect of the Coconut oil becomes more evident when I don’t follow-up with a thoroughly moisturising deep conditioner.

Here is why this is the first and only Co wash that I will continue to use

  •  It cleanses the hair and scalp, and removes any product residue effectively. Now that’s a proper cleansing Co wash.
  • It has a very smooth and light creamy consistency that can be easily applied on the hair.
  • It softens matted hair and easily loosens up tangles.
  • It has a lot of slip which makes it great for detangling curly and tightly coiled hair.
  • Has a very light natural Coconut scent, smells really refreshing.
  • It comes in a 16 fl ounce container for £10 which is so affordable for that size and its performance.
  • It has made me a fan of Co-washing again.
  • Contains natural ingredients.

So, yes the Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Co-wash gets a win from me. If you ever decide to try it or have tried it, let me know in the comment section what you think of it. If you decide to try it out, was I able to convince you with this post?


Thanks for reading!

Have a wonderful day or night (wherever you are reading this from)



    • That’s great. I like their jojoba monoi deep conditioner though, works really well for my low porosity hair. Well If you do try the cowash let me know☺ hopefully you’ll like it.

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