Exercise tips for faster hair growth

We all know that exercise has amazing benefits for our overall health but do you know that part of its benefits is helping with hair growth?

Yes exercise has been attributed as one of the key essentials for improving our health and always has been the ringtone of healthy living alongside our diet.

Let’s take a look on how it benefits our hair in all the right ways.

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Benefits of exercise for your natural hair and overall health

Reduces stress

Whenever we are stressed this impacts greatly on our hair as well as our overall health. This could be identified with increased shedding, and if excessive it is likely to cause temporary hair loss. Exercise can regulate our stress hormones and increase our endorphins and dopamine levels. This creates a proper  balance in our body and allows our body to function at an optimum level. Try out Yoga exercises for some stress relieving workouts. Yoga is a great way to improve on your breathing and practice your stretching poses, it’s tough work but you will benefit from a total body workout. Checkout Psyche Truth at YouTube for amazing Yoga exercises.

Helps to detoxify our body

As we exercise our body heats up and produces sweat through the skin’s pores. Through our pores (aswell as other organs apart from the largest one which is our skin) our skin releases toxins from sweat. This also promotes efficient production of sebum, which is very beneficial for healthy hair growth. With more gunk and waste out of the way, our skin is able to create a proper environment for hair to thrive.

Increases blood flow

This encourages more oxygen to our body cells. As you exercise your heart rate increases and in turn this causes more oxygen delivery to your body cells.  This increased  blood flow means more nutrients supply to your scalp as well increased body warmth. This stimulation of heat encourages more sebum to be produced which further increases faster hair growth. Hot oil massages and steaming your hair occasionally after applying a hair mask treatment can also simulate this condition.

Improves our water/fluid intake

By exercising, we have established that our body produces more sweat (and sebum) which is in form of fluid exiting our body. With this exit means we need to replenish our body with sufficient fluid and what better way than to drink water.  By doing so, this further flushes away toxins and adds vitality to our organs, adds more moisture to our skin and hair, and also improves our hair’s elasticity. A general rule (of thumb) is to consume at least 2 litres of water daily but if you are very active, you can consume more than that. So don’t hesitate to replenish your body with water, you are doing much greater good than you think, hair growth aside –drink the damn water, your body thanks you in advance.

Stimulates our “feel good” hormones

As mentioned above, exercise helps to relieve us from stress by increasing our “feel good hormones”. These “feel good hormones, comes in form of endorphins and dopamine (and primarily serotonin). They are responsible for regulating our mood and keeping our mind at a balanced functional state.

After a workout, you’ll tend to notice that most times (eventually) your productivity level increases and suddenly you feel the need to do more, you feel energised and even look brighter. This is because these hormones sent out by our neurotransmitters (got a bit technical there) incite a happy feeling and with that we can have a micro-positive outlook on things (don’t worry you’ll figure it out).

This effect lasts longer as you continue to exercise, so try to at least incorporate 3-4 days of exercise in your week. So more happiness, less stress, more growth! And no you don’t need to be a slave to a gym, just adopt a workout that best suits you in a place you are comfortable and try to exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Another rule (this time of index) to note is that according to such and such (scientists) your body burns more calories in the first 30 minutes of workout and after that it slows down and continues to decrease at a very low rate. So 30 minutes is just right as standard (subject to change if you wish to go higher, do you boo). But remember it’s the intensity or speed in which you are able to complete the workout and not the time spent. So even within the 30 minutes time frame, aim to achieve more, move faster, control your pace, manage your balance and don’t forget to breathe! Up to an hour or more, will just be an endurance training.


So when next you think of putting off your planned workout, think of how long your hair could be down your back. I know that sounds vain but everyone needs some kind of motivation, so then, that could be one of them ( and of course the tremendous improvement on your overall health and fitness ).

However if you dream of one day having your hair down to your butt crack (excuse the image) you better get up and move your body. Unless you have come to terms that baldness is the new sexy, just as how many men try to convince themselves with that but readily jump at any given opportunity of a random (most times risky) new hair growth pill or treatment. P.s. bald is sexy depending on how you’re wearing. A bold smile and confident face does the trick.

Plus think about how toned those abs will look in a crop top and how nicely rounded your tush will be (I know, how vain, health! health! Should be the most important, then a round plump tush).

Now go on, put on your workout gear or go commando, (ever thought of swimming naked? LOL)  best workout is done when you are free and relaxed in your mind and body. Inhale…Exhale, let’s work!




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