Cocoa butter in hair care products

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Cocoa butter in hair care products

Cocoa butter (Theobroma Cacao), is making a comeback —this time with hair care.

Most of us might be quite familiar with Palmers Cocoa butter body lotion used on the skin and how intensely moisturising it can be. I remember back in the day if you came to school looking all supple, oily to the touch and not to mention hella shiny,  best believe yo momma had slapped on a thick slab of that Cocoa butter on you. Either that or the trusty ol Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline.

So guess what, I’ve been noticing lately, while reading the ingredient list that more and more “natural hair product” companies are now including Cocoa butter. Actually it comes as no surprise seeing how well it has done as a body moisturiser over the years. It is actually baffling why its presence is just now being noticed in hair products. I mean its moisturising properties is unparalleled to most butters out there, especially when compared to the notorious Shea butter which has been the MVP for so long and still currently holds that top spot in most (if not all) hair products.

Cocoa butter has a velvety texture and a pleasant chocolate fragrance which boasts of the best emollient properties, which easily melts just below human body temperature at around 34–38 °C. It is also a popular ingredient in products for the skin, such as in body cleansers and moisturisers due to its effectiveness of treating chapped or burned skin and lips, and as a daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin. It’s no wonder why hair companies have sought to bank on this ingredient as to further improve the moisturising properties of their products.

However it is not just Cocoa butter making it into the hair industry. New kids on the block such as Cupuacu butter and the MuruMuru butter to list a few, are  also making a name for themselves. It is no wonder that all the fuss for long-lasting moisturised hair has created this buzz to introduce more promising and better performing butters other than the ones which we are used to.

More and more hair companies seem to be searching of  ways to up the ante with releases of  products labelled as intensely moisturising, deeply penetrating and such to attract its buyers. There is more competition on who can deliver the best long-lasting moisturising product of all time. With the Naturally Curly community platform issuing awards for the best performing products of the year, this in turn fuels the importance of such companies to go hard or go home. As popular hair bloggers tilt and fuel the market with such awards,  it produces a spike in sales by distributing their ratings to the best and worst performing products out of substantially selected brands.

Surprisingly, whilst reading the ingredient list of some natural hair products, it appeared to be that a lot of the popular hair companies have this amazing butter in almost all their products. These hair companies include, such as our prodigal Shea Moisture, TGIN, Camille Rose Naturals, Cantu, Alikay Naturals, Keracare, Soultanicals, Aunt Jackie’s, As I am, Design essentials, Oyin Handmade and Mielle Organics. (Just realised that Cocoa butter was in that many natural hair products).

What about you, have you noticed the prominent listing of Cocoa butter and any of the new butters mentioned above in your hair products? And do you think its inclusion made any difference in the product?

Would love to know your thoughts on this in the comment section.




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