Top Natural Hair Care Practices For Hair Growth

As we have come to the end of the month, I decided to summarise the best hair care practices that could assist you in your hair journey.

So below is a summary of top natural hair care practices that you could adopt  into your hair care routine if you wish to achieve healthy hair growth.

  • Healthy hair starts with a clean scalp, so look after your scalp by cleansing it properly.
  • For dry scalp, you can apply light oils occasionally to keep the scalp in a healthy state and not inflamed due to the dryness. Try out Rosemary oil, it is amazing oil that helps to maintain ideal scalp health.
  • Nourish your hair weekly with a deep conditioning session, at least 15-30mins. You can also apply a heat cap to further boost the results and achieve shiny, bouncy, airy soft and thoroughly moisturised hair.
  • Be gentle when detangling your hair, source out the best detangling tools for your hair type (be it straight, curly or coily hair) Make sure you use products that offer a lot of slip to assist with this. Products that offer slip such as conditioners, water, oils or other labelled “detangling products” could assist by making the hair more pliable to work with.
  • Use a hair scissors or salon professional hair shears to cut out knots or tangles rather than ripping it out with your fingers. You’ll prevent further breakage and split ends.
  • Moisturise your hair properly with the appropriate ingredients for your hair. If you find that your hair remains dry with hair butters because of its thick consistency it doesn’t work for you, opt for something light, cream based, or a moisture based leave in conditioner instead.
  • Take care of the ends of your hair, if you start experiencing frequent breakage, split ends and knots, you need to schedule a trim. You can opt to do this routinely or when need be. It is important to keep an eye on your hair so that you can determine when you need a trim
  • Hydrate your hair first with water (warm water especially for low porosity hair) massage it into your strands, then moisturise with your chosen product and also massage that thoroughly into your strands. (Very important).
  • Listen to your hair, if it feels grimy, sticky or you can visibly see that products are just sitting on top of your hair and not penetrating into the strands, then you may need to clarify properly with a cleanser of your choice or it may be that the product(s) might not be ideal for your hair.
  • Pay attention to your hair shedding and breakage in order to get to the root cause. You may be suffocating your strands with unnecessary thick products that it doesn’t need, which will only coat and cause further build-up. If you prefer using thick butters, creams and oils on your strands, make sure to clarify your hair properly on wash day to avoid further build-up. Build up or excessive product residue as well inadequately moisturised hair, can lead to excessive shedding and breakage. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. So pay attention to how much of what you’re feeding your hair strands.
  • Make sure to maintain a moisture and protein balance with your hair. Proper balance of the two further promotes hair elasticity, strengthens and maintains hair structure.
  • Keep direct heat (flat irons, blow driers, hot combs) to a minimum. Opt for other none heat stretching styles.
  • Opt for low manipulation hairstyles to protect your hair, and steer clear from high tension hairstyles such as tight braids, buns, ponytails and other scalp tugging hairstyles. Minimising this further helps to decrease shedding and hair loss.


Hope this summarises the most important things to note when it comes to hair care.

Make sure to stick around for more amazing posts coming this Spring! (*epic action soundtrack plays in background*) with the inclusion of fashion posts, more hair care posts and some extras.

Until next time!

Thanks for reading

Savvy out!


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