My Top 5 Bodyshop Products For Oily Skin

Having oily skin can be a battle sometimes, especially when it seems that finding the right products for your skin becomes tasking and frustrating. Over the years I have tried to adopt the less is more attitude towards skin care ( aswell as other aspects in life) and with oily skin especially, it is important to understand that there isn’t really a general rule of what you should or shouldn’t do; rather it is more about what you can do for you –in other words, do what works for you.

I have been a fan of Bodyshop skin care products for a number of years and have used a lot if their products, especially when it comes to their face products (I haven’t really delved into their body care products) and some of the products I discovered through their collections and also by recommendations have earned a place on my skincare wall of fame or shall I say box office (how lame!), trust me they are that good.

I love face masks just as much as I love hair masks, but these two shown below are the it for me. I have done separate reviews of the Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask and the luxurious Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask. If you have read it (which you should) you would know that I absolutely adore these product.

Here are the highlights of the main points for both of them below.

The shared highlights from the Seaweed oil-balancing clay mask review: and the Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask

It clarifies and unclogs pores.

Mattifies the skin instantly.

Controls excessive oil production as it claims.

Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells.

Refreshes and rejuvenates the overall look and feel of the skin.

Pore minimising with prolonged used.

creates a smooth canvas prior to prepping and priming the skin for an application of any other additional skin care products or make-up.

Targets and eliminates spots or pimples.

 Promotes an overall even skin tone.

Skin feels supple to touch with a youthful glow instantly post application.

Has a very smooth texture and is easy to apply.

Effective oil control for very oily skin.

Products lasts very long.


So the next products in “the box office” (yea keeping up with the lameness) are my spot treating Tea tree products (that’s a tongue twister), which are the Tea Tree imperfection daily solution drops and the Tea Tree mattifying lotion.

The shared highlights are from the Bodyshop Tea tree imperfection daily solution and mattifying lotion are:

Reduces excessive oil production.

Effectively unclogs pores within the first week.

Clears spots within the first few weeks of use.

Moisturises and instantly mattifies the skin,

Non greasy and light consistency.

Easily absorbs into the skin.

Great for sensitive skin.

Great effective treatment for very oily skin and spots prone skin.

Noticeable difference with the overall appearance of the skin and feel.

Creates a cooling and tingling sensation when applied on the skin.


The last in the box office is the Bodyshop Camomile cleansing butter. This butter right here is the most effective and affordable make-up remover I have used so far.

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Camomile cleansing butter by The Bodyshop

Its key highlights are:


Effectively removes waterproof make-up.

Gently cleanses away impurities

None pore clogging

 Instantly melts away all traces of make-up

Non greasy

Lightly suds when in contact with water

Brilliant for mild cleansing on sensitive oily skin

Velvety smooth texture


All these Bodyshop products mentioned above are great for oily skin aswell as sensitive skin. As I person with oily skin, I also have a great deal of sensitive skin, and over the years I have managed to find products that help to tackle both conditions. These products have then earned a place in my staple OilySEN collection (Oily Skin Essential Needs for Oily-Sensitive skin) which I recommend for other OilySENs to try. So if you are like me and you find it difficult to find products that are effective in tackling your oily-sensitive skin conditions, please give these products a try and hopefully they work for you too.



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