The A-Z of Hair Care

So couple of days ago, I was browsing through some blogs and stumbled upon a blog post which was titled “The ABC’s of Beauty” by denevaj. It covered essential tips for both hair and beauty care, which inspired me to write one specifically for natural hair care. Please check out her blog to read hers.

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All the top essential tips for natural hair care from A-Z

A – A collection of your favourite oil, moisturiser, cleanser, conditioners and at least one styler should be more than enough. You don’t need to buy the whole store just to create one in your basement.

B – Be patient, long healthy hair doesn’t grow over night. Keep at your routine, practice, perfect and maintain your progress for long-lasting healthy hair. Consistency is key!

C – Cleanse your hair properly and with appropriate cleansers depending on your hair needs and porosity.

D – Deep condition at least once a week, and try to limit using different types of deep conditioners each time.

E – Ensure that you are not overly manipulating your hair throughout the week.

F- Find a routine that works for YOU and stick to it. You’ll surely reap good benefits.

G – Give your hair breaks between styling. Protective styles are great whichever one you decide to go for( as long as it isn’t causing tension to your scalp) but always allow your hair to breathe in between styling.

H – Hydrate your hair with water (warm water for low-po hair) before applying any additional moisturisers of your choice.

I – Ignore sleezy comments about your natural curly or coily hair, whether short or long. For beginners –this too shall pass, and they’ll wish their hair “could do what it do baby”.

J – Just remember to breathe before and after every wash day routine.

K – Keep on deck essential hair tools that would help you with your wash day routine.

L- Limit your product collections, there are better things to invest in the world than bottled up promises.

M – Maintain a weekly hair care regimen and slightly tweak it if need be. (Because life happens)

N – Never ignore your ends, it needs extra love. If it needs a trim, give it a trim! No use holding onto shabby ends.

O – Oils that are ideal for your hair porosity and scalp health are for keeps, spend time to figure out at least your top 3 (or top 5 if that is your idea of minimum).

P – Protect your hair and hairstyles at night for more lasting power throughout the week, either with a silk scarf or bonnet. Protection is better than cure.

Q – Question the suitability of the ingredients in hair products before purchasing and applying it to your hair.

R – Restore back strength to your hair with periodic protein treatment. How often you should do this depends on your hair’s porosity. Make sure to maintain a protein and moisture balance to protect your hair’s elasticity and structure.

S – Slip is the word you’re looking for when it comes to a detangling product or conditioner.

T – Treat your hair like it’s a precious stone worth more than monetary value.

U – Use products that deeply moisturises your hair for longer.

V – Visualising luscious long hair down your back comes with a lot of pros and cons. Well for one it could make you climb to the peak of the highest mountain just to almost reach and then fall off or it could make you climb up to the peak and place your mark. (Both can occur simultaneously, so keep that in mind). Failures and mistakes are inevitable.

W – What you have, is not equivalent to what you need. Try to de-clutter unnecessary hair products and tools that are not essential for your hair care. Less is more.

X – ‘X‘ amounts of products in your cabinet storage currently can explain a lot of what you care about( have a look at your collections and read the labels one by one, you might find a couple with similar words written –explains even more about you).

Y- Your scalp care is essential for healthy hair growth. Well that’s a no brainer (I hope). Spend time to understand your scalp to better care for it.

Z – Zero time invested in your hair care equals zero success. Likewise every other thing in life.

Well there you have it, hope it was a fun and interesting read and also useful. I would like to see you all recreate a version of this. I absolutely had fun writing it, although It was quite difficult to come up with words for X and Z.


  1. Great read! This definitely helped me, similar to many of your other natural hair posts. I’ll keep all of these pointers in mind, I believe I’ve been natural for about 4 years now and I still haven’t reached my “long hair, don’t care” peak. However, I told myself I won’t give up. so i’ll remain patient and keep figuring out what works best for my hair.

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