Signs of when you need a hair trim

Stuck on deciding  on when you need a trim and don’t really care for routinely hair trims/cuts?

Or maybe you have been giving your hair shears the side eye when it approaches the time for a trim because you don’t want to lose those inches that you have strived for?

Well it helps to pay attention to your hair to know when it starts displaying some of these signs below, as that should help you determine whether you need a trim.

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How to know when to trim your hair. Show your hair scissors some love.

Some of the signs to look out for are:

  • Rough and dry ends of the hair – Hair feels rough to the touch and is constantly dry even after moisturising it.
  • Increased breakage – small or short strands of hair falling off as you comb or detangle, both with tools and fingers.
  • Split ends – Look at a strand of your hair, if you notice fraying or raised hairs in that single strand, it is a sign of split ends. if not trimmed, they will only continue to split upward on the hair shaft and cause more breakage.
  • Single strand or fairy knots (especially on the ends of your hair and there could be multiple knots on one strand of hair) – When you run your fingers through a strand of hair and feel small bumps or knots, those are tangled hair wrapped around each other in a single strand and are very common especially with tightly coiled hair. The hair continues to grow past the knot however but is at its weakest at the point of that knot so any light tug on the hair when detangling it could easily break off.
  • Thinning ends or see through ends of hair – you may notice when you section off some hair that, there is a line of demarcation from where your strands are thick to where it begins to appear thin. That line can be an indication of split ends and could be used as a point of where you should trim off.


Hope this helps you to decide when to trim your hair. It isn’t really necessary to schedule a trim just because, especially when your hair displays none of these signs mentioned above and is in a healthy state through and through.

However if you are the type to notice that after a said amount of weeks or months that your hair begins to displays these signs and consitently does so with the supposed amount of time, then you could opt to schedule a trim, for example every 3/6 months if your hair consistently display these signs within that period of time.

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