Ayurvedic Hair Care

Hi guys! Where have you been you may ask? (I know, I know been MIA without a warning) Well I took an improptu mini break, what can I say, life happens but it’s good to be back. Hope y’all are doing well and hope I haven’t missed much so far (care to fill me in?).

So today’s post is about an amazing hair care regimen that I have been trying out since the beginning of this year, but I had to wait a while to test it out before bringing it to you guys.

Well about sometime mid November last year (I think) whilst browsing through YouTube (AKA most naturals haven), I came across a video by Curly Proverbz (gorgeous lady with gorgeous voluminous curly hair). In her videos she talks about Ayurveda practices and how her hair benefited tremendously from it. (You can check out her videos on her youtube channel).

At the time I knew nothing about Ayurveda or what it actually means, but I watched through her videos attentively and even repeated them over and over to fully understand the schematics. Curly Proverbz (or Farida which is her real name) showed clips of how her hair didn’t grow past shoulder length and was slightly limp back when she began her natural hair journey to now her full tailbone thick length hair which she acclaims to Ayurveda herbs and practices, and that was what caught and grew my interest.

Now Curly Proverbz didn’t really come up with these Ayurveda practices nor is she claiming so. This practice has been around since time immemorial and although I watched a lot of her videos ( which are very useful) I knew I still had to do more research on what Ayurveda is and why it has such an amazing benefit to hair care. So I did.

Thanks to her videos and the wonderful writers of the articles I found online, here is briefly my understanding about Ayurveda. Simple put, Ayurveda (meaning life knowledge ) is a holistic practice with the use of plant based ingredients. It is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent. It emphasises on the balance of the mind and body functions. Ayurveda also names three elemental substances, the doshas (called Vata, Pitta and Kapha), and states that a balance of the doshas results in health, while imbalance results in disease.

Ayurveda isn’t really just about beauty and hair care, it is most importantly a way of living. In order to reap its full benefits you may adopt it as part of your lifestyle. This practice further includes, oil massages (with the inclusion of some of the herbs ,mentioned below), some dietary changes with the inclusion of herb infused tea drinks such as green teas and hibiscus infused drinks.

Now before I embarked on the Ayurveda hair care practice, I made a list of areas of concerns and improvements for my hair so that I was able to track the progress in that area; in order to know if following this regimen was necessary or beneficial to my natural hair.

So the areas of improvement or concerns as I made note of where as followed:




                        Length retention

Lustre ( because why not)

Below is a list of Ayurveda herbs that I have chosen to include in my natural hair regimen and have been using religiously since the beginning of this year’s January. Now I have tweaked this to my own preference and is not the same as the original Curly Proverbz “Ayurveda hair regimen”. Below are the herbs or powders I have chosen to stick with after trying several variations for my hair and it seems these combinations listed below works best for my hair.

My top Ayurveda hair gloss or hair mask mix 

Amla powder (very strengthening and used to maintain the dark colour of the hair by slowing down ageing and greying of the hair follicle)

Bhringraj powder ( known as the “king of hair” treats hair loss, premature graying, skin allergies, darkens hair colour, improves hair density, lustre and has conditioning properties)

Aloe vera powder ( best for its antimicrobial and amino acid packed properties, very moisturising, boosts shine and lustre of the hair)

Slippery elm (mainly used for its slip and moisturising properties)

Moisturising deep conditioner/ hair mask of choice

I omitted Henna from this list as it was too strengthening for my hair and lightened my hair colour to a red brownish tint, which I was aware it would. I preferred to omit it only from the hair gloss but keep it in the “hair growth oil mix” just as the original one by Curly Proverbz.

My Top Ayurveda hair oil infused mixture (Similar to Curly Proverbz hair growth oil with a difference of the substituted oils)

Fenugreek seeds “Methi” (strengthens hair, stimulates regrowth, treats alopecia and delays greying)

Henna powder ( very strengthening, can be used as a natural hair dye,

Amla powder (recently incorporated to the oil mix)

Unrefined cold pressed extra virgin Avocado oil

Unrefined cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil (instead of coconut oil)

Rosemary essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Tea tree oil

More about this infamous hair growth oil and how it has helped with my scalp issues. I must say it truly is amazing, just hoped I knew of it earlier on in my natural hair journey, but I’m glad I found it now.

In the next blog post, I will discuss about my current Ayurveda hair care regimen and how I incorporate these ingredients into my hair regimen, with updates on any benefits (especially surrounding the areas of improvement) I have noticed since using them.




  1. Good to here from you sis! I have seen some videos from NappyFu on Ayurveda hair care and have been interested to try it out. Can’t wait to read the next post to see how you use them. I definitely want to give them a try too!

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