Best guide for natural hair travel kit essentials

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Best guide for travelling with naturals hair products. Setting off to your travel destination made easier with this luggage packing guide

On your way to a lovely destination and the last thing on your mind is packing products for your natural hair. Well let’s change all of that. Hopefully travelling with natural hair products is now made easier with this guide.

Caring for your natural hair home or away can be a very demanding task, especially trying to pack all of your staple natural hair product with their surplus of weights —not a great idea of a “light” travel —size over matter.

In total, you can travel with 5 hair products, want to know how this is possible?

Well these tips below could guide you to make the most out of your luggage requirements.

Shampoos/ other cleansers

  • Pack at least 1 bottle of shampoo that is very moisturise yet thoroughly cleansing which you can also use to detangle.
  • With shampoos, you don’t need a lot, especially if you use other methods to cleanse your hair (e.g cowash/clays).
  • Depending on the length of your hair and duration of travel plus how often you wash your hair, pack at least a good size bottle for voluminous long hair.
  • If you cowash more than you shampoo, pack at least 1 bottle of 8 ounce shampoo + one container of 16 fl ounce co-wash. **Make sure your Co wash has cleanser listed in the ingredients list and has a great slip for detangling
  • Or travel with a shampoo bar, this even saves you more room for other products, no spillage —hence no mess and lasts longer. You just cut out a little of a square to wash your hair —easy-peasy.

Conditioners & deep conditioner/ hair masks

  • Regular conditions are irrelevant if all you need them is for detangling. Travel with one deep conditioner/hair masks that offers a lot of slip so that way you can kill two birds with a giant stone. My best hair mask of choice is the Shea Moisture Manuka honey and Mafura oil intensive hydration hair mask (boy! That’s a mouthful).  This mask offers great slip and it’s an intensive moisturiser, lasts ages —I can’t go wrong with it.
  • If you would rather use something else to detangle with, rather than caring heavy bottles of conditioners, you could (as suggested above) have a detangling shampoo or cowash, or instead, go with one “detangling product”. These usually come in smaller ounce bottles and offer a lot more slip than regular conditioners. Due to this, you can also dilute a small fraction of it with water to make it last longer.


Stylers & Moisturisers

  • Before you embark on your journey, it is essential that you plan how you’d be styling your hair, i. e, wash and go’s, twists/twist-outs, braids/braid-outs and any other styles you wish to rock at your destination(s).
  • Once you have established this, it would be useful to pack products which pairs well when combined with others, and also can be use to achieve various styles. For e.g, if you like to use gels for your wash n go’s, pack a leave-in conditioner that can pair well with the gel of your choice, as well as a moisturiser of your choice depending if you do the LOC or LCO method. This way you can pack 1 leave-in conditioner, 1 bottle of gel (the size depends on how much you can fit in your luggage) and one moisturiser (make sure it thoroughly moisturises or don’t include it at all because it’ll just be a waste of useful space).
  • Oils depending on how you use them can be optional, but if need be, you could include a 250ml or 8 fl Oz bottle in your luggage. Make sure it is sealed properly and to avoid further spillage, place a small cap spill stopper or a lid spill stopper at the opening of the bottle before screwing on the lid and then wrap around with a waterproof tape to secure. Also for added measures place the the bottle upright in a shower bag/ toiletry bag. You can also pack the rest of your hair products in the toiletry bag to be more organised and for easy access.


Well there you have it, one less thing to worry about before embarking on your journey. This guide has you covered.

Hope this was useful, don’t forget to share to help others. Please also share your thoughts below or any methods for travel packing that I did not include in this post that is also useful. I would love to know too.

Happy travels!


Thanks for reading.


  1. I like to put products into small, travel sized bottles while travelling. This way, hair products don’t take up most of my luggage. Plus, I like to be on a protective style when travelling so I don’t have to go along with so many products, I just go with my moisturizer and an oil.

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