Best reasons to ditch relaxers

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Best “No lie” reasons to ditch relaxers.

Relaxers have been around for a very long time — so many decades, and it is time to let it go!

Let us remember how misinformed our parents or guardians were to believe that at a tender age that putting relaxers on our hair were the right thing to do, due to trend and other deeper insecurities they battled as a community and culture. Hmm….culture —a way of life. That same culture gave it a badge of acceptance.

Please don’t regard this as a march or a movement to exacerbate power (do as you wish), however this is a call to order! We need to simply get our shit together (yes I had to say it like that)

Forget about calling it a relaxer, because that is a mirage, as you dreadfully sit on that seat with your scalp burning and pulsating —that is no description of relaxing.

Let us regard it as what it is:

 It is a chemical, wait too subtle? Okay let me give it you straight, it is made of  strong alkali agent (high composition Ph of 10) with a high concentrate of sodium hydroxide which damages the hair’s protein structure and with prolonged use can cause alopecia (hair loss).


Texlaxers,  no lye ( right, no doubt!), no base, base, down perms and whatever choice of marketing strategies to make you feel better!

Keyword —Perm, meaning permanent, permanent destruction —permanent damage. You get the drift.

Still not quite clear?

Okay take a seat on this chair,

First let me apply a coat of petroleum jelly to distort your memory and then begin to smother your hair with this Lye. While it marinades, let the burning and pulsating sensation on your scalp take you to Elysium.

Can you hear me?

    Okay, good.

Let your mind be free…

You’re probably wondering how I’m in your head right now and suddenly wearing a lab coat, well that is irrelevant. Just need you to focus on my voice and listen.

(Begins to whisper so gently)

Your hair is your crown, that which Shields from the sun rays, that which reflects health and wealth.

A heritage enriched with vibrance and power, not power used to oppress but power used to progress.

Free your mind from the orchestrated tangles of hate and cleanse away the enslavery of men —Mankind

Condition your roots to withstand every twist of tongues that slather their bigotry on you. 

With every slip restores a balance of strength, and with every rinse revives a monument of value.

But as you obliterate the glory of your own oppression, the remnant scars and damaged follicles will cease to hold on to its servitude. 

But until you obliterate the glory of your own oppression……


I think it’s time to rinse off.

(*pokes scalp with a comb*)

Does it burn? On scale of 1 to 10?



 Not quite ready, needs to cook a little more. Let’s give it another hour!


(*Faint chattering in the background*)

Hi there, welcome to No Lie salon

Please take a seat 

how may I help you?




  1. 😆😆😊. Lol at burning and pulsating scalp; nothing relaxing about that. I couldn’t agree more , this piece is masterfully written.

    Liked by 1 person

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