Product empties: products I won’t repurchase and why

I have currently been on a no-spending spree for now until I declutter most of my hair products down to at least 5 products. The only problem is that I gotta wait till they are empty! Because if not what’s the point. So far I only have two empties 😩😩.

Products below are those that I have used up and won’t repurchase

1) Curls Blueberry bliss reparative hair mask

Reasons for not repurchasing:

  • Although it has a great list of nourishing ingredients, It was difficult to apply on my hair (no slip). It has a thick creamy texture that was difficult to glide on my hair
  • Did not penetrate into my hair strands, just sat on the surface throughout my deep conditioning session of 30-45 mind with a heat cap.
  • Didn’t leave my hair moisturised or seem to offer any noticeable benefits to my hair, but it has a sweet fresh  blueberry scent to make up for that (lol)
  • My hair felt dry after deep conditioning
  • With an 8 ounce container,  its thick consistency made it last well, although its slip can be improved with warming it up and possibly mixing a little oil to it.


2) Alikay Naturals moisturising black soap shampoo

Reasons for not repurchasing:

  • Needless to say, it is the least moisturising shampoo I have ever used on my hair
  • It matted my hair and caused more tangles during shampooing which led to long detangling session afterwards
  • Has watery consistency and comes in a 8 ounce bottle which didn’t last more than 3 washes for my shoulder length hair.
  • Although it comes in an easy nozzle applicator bottle which helps for less hassle, a little did not go a long way.
  • Seems like more of a diluted black soap in a bottle


3) Mielle Organics Mongongo oil hydrating conditioner (on its way to being empty)

Reasons for not repurchasing:

  • I think it’s meant to be a regular conditioner, and not a deep conditioner as it did not have a lasting moisturising effect on my hair whilst rinsing it out after deep conditioning.
  • It has a lot of slip, glides on smoothly on to the hair but  did not make her hair to feel moisturised in the slightest
  • My hair felt really dry like straw after rinsing it out.
  • Might serve better use as a regular rinse-out conditioner as it has a ton of slip. However bare in mind that its 8 ounce container won’t go far, but it has an abundance of slip so you wouln’t need to use too much. Apart from that it served no use as a “deep conditioner” on my hair, left it high and dry. (I have used better)


4) Kurlee Belle Banana nut and Avocado deep treatment

Reasons for not repurchasing:

  • It had a sudsy effect on my hair, felt like I was applying a mild cleanser on my hair —very odd for a deep conditioner (I could probably mix in a bit of shampoo to it and create a Co wash with it instead so that I could use it up)
  • Made my hair feel so dry and matted after deep conditioning, probably because the mixture of banana and Avocado doesn’t react well on my hair)
  • My hair appeared dull and stringy after use.
  • Although it has a sweet banana chocolate scent, it wasn’t enough to make me want to repurchase.


5) Shea Moisture Mongongo and hemp seed oils high porosity hair mask 

It’s safe to say that I purchased this deep conditioner based on a hype. Also having low porosity hair, I realised that my hair didn’t need as much proteins as it contained, however it still had some moisturising properties as part of the ingredients. Overall , I will regard it as a protein treatment best for high porosity (I know, it clearly states that), but can be overwhelming for “some” (not all) low porosity hair. You might need to try it on your hair to see where your protein sensitivity falls. (I know my hair is quite protein sensitive if exposed to high amounts of it)

Reasons for not repurchasing

  • It has an over powering perfumey scent, made me sneeze a couple of times. (Needless to say, I have a very sensitive nose)
  • It’s packed with a lot of proteins but (I eventually realised this since learning about my low porosity hair needs)  it seems my hair doesn’t need as many. Although I do a protein treatment when needed, every 4-6 weeks or once a month but only ideally with a maximum of 2-3 hydrolyzed proteins with more moisturising ingredients listed on the ingredient)
  • It comes in a generous 12 ounce container and has a light spreadable consistency, has a decent amount of slip but left my hair straw-like.



With all these hair masks or deep conditioners, I guess it’s more of “it’s not you it’s me” kinda thing. So just keep that in mind if you are ever willing to try it out. These are just some of the products that did not work for my hair, they are in no way being generalised as “bad” products; they just did not work for my hair. So if you’re willing to try these products mentioned please do because afterall it could work totally different for you (I hope) .

Using my reasons as a guide (if you like) it could help you know what to look out for when trying out these products.


  1. You always see products I love posts but never the other way around. It’s a great post and it’s a breath of fresh air to know the downsides and what to avoid and why for a change

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