Top Tips For Natural Hair Wash Routine : Made easier

Once you have established what day your (hair) wash routine will be on, there are some good effective practices to include in your routine that will further boost your natural hair health.

So to reap further benefits for your hair, it is essential to keep an arsenal of reliable hair tools, and products which could consist of cleansers, relevant deep conditioners and moisturisers for your hair care routine.

To begin your routine, think of your hair care session as your pampering session —it’s essential that you take your time and don’t rush things through. Allow ample amount of time for your hair care routine —remember, it is your pampering session and no one likes rushing through their pampering session now, do they?


  • Ensure a method of cleansing , you can rotate different cleansers for different wash day/ week, depending on your hair needs —listening to your hair needs is very essential so that you don’t over cleanse or under cleanse.
  • Detangle your hair in sections and in sessions, for e.g. before you wash your hair (save time and do this on the night before wash day), you could lightly finger detangle with an oil and water mixture or diluted conditioner mixture to separate some of the larger tangles and then section your hair away by twisting it up or using a hair clip. Then once in the shower (or over the sink) wash with your created sections (2-3 ideally or more if you have highly dense hair)  and use a  conditioner with ample slip to further soften tangles, allowing you to easily rake through with your finger first, then a comb or detangling tool of your choice to further remove tangles and knots.
  • Adopt a habit of including a deep conditioning session in your hair wash day. Again just like using different forms of cleansers to wash your hair, you can also rotate different deep conditioners depending if your hair needs a moisture based deep conditioner or protein based (which could either be a light or strong protein based deep condition depending on your hair porosity. You can deep condition between 15 – 45mins. To further boost up your deep conditioning session apply heat, for e.g. by using a heat cap, steamer or cover your hair with a plastic shower cap and wrap a warm towel over your head.
  • Hydrate your hair with water before applying your moisturisers or styling products. Preferably lightly mist or spray and massage warm water into your hair strands (especially for low porosity hair), this helps to open up the hair cuticles and aid with better product absorption.
  • Find a deep moisturiser, whatever method you choose to moisturise your hair before styling, ensure that you use products that can thoroughly moisturise your hair with the ideal ingredient list for your hair needs. Make sure to apply a generous amount if needed. This way you could reduce how frequent you re-moisturise your hair to a minimum of once a week —yes it is possible.
  • Adopt a low maintenance style, you can opt for a bun, single twists, flat twist styles, braids, twist-outs or braid-outs which you could style in to a low or high puff later in the week.
  • Dry appropriately, it is more beneficial for your hair and styles to naturally air dry, this limits frizz and allows your hair to trap in more moisture. If you must use a drying tool, it’s essential to use low heat and dry your till it’s at least 60-80 percent dry and then allow  the rest of the time for your hair to air dry. You can also try the “plopping method” whereby after moisturising your hair you wrap your hair in a t-shirt or microfibre towel, squeeze out excess products and leave on for at least 30mins to soak up excess moisture and then proceed to style your hair as usual
  • Protect your style, the longer your style lasts the less time you spend manipulating or restyling it for the remainder of the days prior to your next wash day. Protect your hair and hairstyles with a silk/satin bonnet or scarf. This further prevents frizz and matted hair which could be caused by frequent fiction especially as you sleep. You can also section your hairstyles and gather them with a loose scrunchy or hair tie before securing them in a satin/silk scarf and/or bonnet. We all like to maintain our gorgeous hairstyles and effort for longer —so protect them.


So there you have it, hope you found this useful and I hope I was able to assist in making your wash day a less daunting task. Don’t forget to share this post to help others out.


  1. Your posts carry a feeling of warmth. There’s nothing but positivity running through your words and there’s an uplifting spirit to them that reminds me of family and discussions i hear amongst the women. Culturally given, of course, as my slick-cut mohawk has nothing in common with your hair guides.

    Liked by 1 person

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