How to treat PJS (Product Junkie Syndrome)

If you are a product junkie, raise your hands where I could see them…now put them down —Houston we’ve got a problem!

Don’t fret, there are alternative treatments ( at least) that’ll get you “cured” in no time (fingers crossed)

So who is a product junkie?

Well a product junkie is someone who keeps accumulating items whether bought or given, and continues to hoard and ..hoard and hoard…while still acquiring more products.(sounds insane, I know). However becoming a product junkie is easy, especially when you feed in to a reason of ‘need’.

So for e.g you see a shampoo that’s written “deeply moisturising” you pick that up, maybe at first for necessity but the later acquirements then turns into what i like to call an ‘illusionary need’. For e.g you see another shampoo, this time it has written on it boldly “deeply hydrating” and it sparks an interest which makes you think you might need that because it sounds better than your just previously bought “deeply moisturising” shampoo —so you pick it up. Then the cycle continues until you accumulate so much it seems like nothing but catalogue collection.

Since we have established that, let’s get into methods of treatment,

First rule to follow though is to admit you have product junkie syndrome (PJS) and then seek alternative treatments as the ones mentioned below.

Start by decluttering (cut it, cut it, cut it, you need to cut it!)

  1. Yes, declutter. You don’t need that 135 bottles of leave in conditioners or that 65 bottles of decayed (yes, decayed) containers of deep conditioners that you’re never going to use. So pass it on to someone else, sell it (if they are still in good condition, that is) or bin if it has spoilt.
  2. Use before [*insert date*]– Translation! Use before you buy more products that’ll join the rest of the rotten pile (someone’s got to say it)
  3. Stop checking for sales or discounts (BOGOs)  both online and in store, and instagram too (oh yea, I see you). Until you have decluttered 80% of your collection —stay clear.
  4. If you have itchy fingers to try more new products, why don’t you put those hands to use and make some! (Mmm hmm…)
  5. Stop saving (products) for rainy days, yea right- you won’t even use it by the time it starts raining! Rather, why not you actually save (money) for rainy days.
  6. Combine products – Turn your unwanted deep conditioners or rinse out conditioners into co-washes. For e.g, mix half of the conditioner with half of your least favourite shampoo and turn it into a co-wash product (there you go, you created something!)
  7. Limit your favourites to a mininum range between 1-5,  surely you can’t have 85 favourites of deep conditioner, how often do you condition your hair?
  8. Store your products where you can obviously see them, you could use it as a reminder of when the storage shelves starts to get out of hand. If any additional products can’t fit in the shelves,  guess what! It ain’t supposed to be there.  Try not to tuck them away in boxes, drawers or cupboards, those spots are the comfort zone breeders, it’ll accumulate hundreds before you notice –that’s if you eventually notice. You could purchase those acrylic cupboards, very useful for organising your products and you could still see them as it transparent (some come with wheels, so that you can move it around easily).
  9. If you must buy something new, buy travel size samples to see if you really need that product.
  10. Do Giveaways – if you are a product reviewer or blogger, these go for you too (luckily you can gift products to people through giveaways or re-sell them at discounted prices.


This post was inspired by an amazing beauty blogger kippins beauty blog, she began a mission to declutter her product stash early this month. From makeup to skincare products, you name it, she has probably tried it. She has a great blog and is a thorough reviewer. Check out her blog.




  1. Not sure if I had PJS or was just a collector. I know I’m territorial so that’s a factor.
    And to an extent I still do hold on to a lot of stuff…for me it was video games. Yes, I used to be a nerd. Forgive me, more on that later, look out for the blog. But either way, hoarding isn’t good and regardless of what the obsession is, I think your tips can be applied to a great deal of things.

    Miss Savvy, (casual wink)

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😁 lol “collector” of course we’ve all been a product junkie and still can be anyways (most guys priced possession are video games…okay maybe some not most, but MOST). Being a nerd ain’t nothing to be ashamed, it’s just having enormous interest in things most people(nobody) care less about and relishing in it. I think it’s just because people associate nerds with a certain appearance or label them as “book smart”. Whereas anybody could be a nerd by just yapping about technology over at a dinner date, doesn’t mean he is a nerd, it’s just something he enormously cares about that you at that moment don’t, so to make it easier on all this crap I just wrote, the person is well…a nerd. Well on other note, glad you found this post useful.

      Kal (walks away while spitting out watermelon seeds like a douche)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Litter bug, watermelons are disgusting please take your seeds with you.

        Nerds have no place here. I left the nerds table in school and I’m never going back (looks at career, questions life) The nerds were only accepted when The big bang theory hit the TV. Now the show is dry and nobody likes nerds again. They care about things nobody likes (flashbacks, sh*t)

        If you’re a nerd and you have no shame, you’re a liar. But yeh, stop hoarding stuff and stay Savvy, princess.

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😁😁 well….okay (in Jay Z’s voice)

        Hopefully one of the seeds could land on a soil, germinate and yield more.

        Lol big bang theory was a one hit wonder lol, too much of everything ain’t good. Point taken😆


      • Oh and a tech guy who isn’ t a nerd?! Well… Do tell! 😀
        And I’m not a princess, I ain’t got peasants to control….yet! Lol but seriously no princesses over here..Queen should more befitting


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