Top tips for going natural

So you want to go “natural”, ditch relaxers, transition (slowly cut off damaged hair) or just start a healthy hair journey?

Before you start! (hold your horses)

Here are somethings you would like to consider:

  1. Patience – in general are you a very patient person? If not, are you willing to be?
  2. What does going natural mean to you? (Yes joining #teamnatural is all well and good but why do you want to? —-very important to know
  3. Means of funds –  Do you have the funds to purchase products and tools or will you put in time and effort to cut costs and research for —real and —effective DIYs?
  4. Failure – yes the elephant in the room. Are you willing to fail or condone failed attempts of popular hairstyles that seem good on others but not on you, after excessively putting hours to achieve that supposed style?  Again —very important to know
  5. Learn – are you willing to learn about YOUR hair and not about #naturalhair but about your hair? Learn how to  choose products for your hair?(your hair can’t do what anybody’s hair does, it’s yours!)
  6. Are you joining or becoming? Take a moment to decipher the meaning of this question.😉
  7.  Time – apart from effort (which is vital) do you have the time to know your hair, if not, will you set aside the time to take care of it?
  8. Love your beauty – When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, do you see your beauty or puffy eyes and nose with mouth covered in saliva crust? If not, would you learn your beauty? (I know tough question, however shouldn’t be difficult to understand)
  9. Practice – would you put in the effort needed to achieve a style that you admire?
  10. Create – are you willing to create your own method if all tutorials that you have watched fails?



Of course, there are more things that could be added to this list but for now here are my top ten unconventional tips that you wouldn’t normally associate with going natural. I hope you were able to notice the finer prints amongst the bigger picture.

Thanks for reading…



  1. This post is the TRUTH! All of these things are super important when it comes to going natural. Going natural is a life style change not just a hair style change and I don’t think many people realize that.

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