The Bodyshop Luxury face mask

So on today’s post I will be focusing on skincare and a face mask I came across from last year 2017.

The bodyshop luxury face mask

On the day of purchasing the Japanese matcha tea face mask by The Bodyshop, I thought to myself, “blimey! (didn’t really say blimey) You are really gonna pay £17 for a face mask which comes in 74g container”! Needless to say, I contemplated for several minutes before summoning up the courage to make the purchase.

The best bits :

  • It was actually a great mask after all
  • Smells earthy like eggplant or aubergine (or green tea) but looks like a mashed avocado with small grainy bits but not really abrasive
  • It has a luxurious creamy consistency
  • So moisturising and gives a sensation of pores opening up to receive oxygen (mhmm!). It is very refreshing.
  • Really detoxifying and gentle
  • Leaves the skin so supple to the touch
  • Reveals a fresher face instantly
  • Really does what it says.
  • Great for oily and combination skin
  • Has lasted up to seven uses and I still have more left.

The worst bits is whatever I said above the best bits.

Does anybody know of a good affordable face mask with similar qualities as the Japanese matcha tea or better? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you!



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