It’s not you…it’s me

So have you ever bought a product and thought, this is damn awful and went straight away to throw it in a bin or pass it on to ‘your most favourite person’ knowing fully well that you despise it? So why do you pass it on when you have written it off as “damn awful”? What happens in that moment of exchange that makes you think, oh! I know! this may be great for so and so, hence agreeing with the saying one man’s poison is another man’s treasure (if i’m correct?).

I have read some reviews that are good, straightforward and explanatory, however, (but, but) I have also come across some reviews with a few phrases such as, “horrible”, “trash”, “to the left, to the left”, “disgusting”, “I want my money back”, “stay woke, these companies just want our coins” and so on and so forth –you get the drift.

I think in every relationship, (including the ones you have with products) there needs to be some sort of clear communication, likewise with reviews. For example, “it didn’t work for me because of so and so…. or considering the price point the product lacked so and so. (Comprende?)

I know I have been in some situations when I have slurred out some of the phrases aforementioned (to myself) but I wasn’t going to write a review or pass it on to someone without clear reasons why I no longer want the product or item. It saves the guesswork for that person so that they might know what to expect. At least in some cases it ends up being great for that person, so words like “awful” and Co gets thrown out the window (are you with me now?).

In the past, when I didn’t really know what I wanted for my hair, I tried loads of products that claimed to be “moisturising” but oh bay-bee! My hair wasn’t having it. Even when it had “intensely” or “deeply” moisturising written on it, when I applied it on, my hair didn’t budge. So much later, I realised my hair was”a man who can’t be moved” plus a thirsty mofo. So I had to learn about my hair’s porosity and what ingredients to look out for in a product.

Every now and then, I foolishly purchase a product knowing fully well that it ain’t gon work.( in stewie’s voice, “it is not your fault”). I see myself in the mirror having baby pet talks with my hair like “you don’t like this, dontchu? You are so thirsty, yea, yes you are, I know….yes…i’m going to do better next time, oh yes I am, whose a good girl? You are! You are!” Well that was so weird. However there are still a lot of trash sitting on the shop shelves like ninjas waiting for someone –Yea I said it.

Hopefully you got the point of this post, so next time you try a product and it doesn’t work for you, just say “it’s not you, it’s me” right after that head over to the store customer service with a roller set on and thuggishly demand for you money back.

Hope you enjoyed this post and got the point of what i’m trying to relay regardless of all the weird background stuff going on.

Thanks for reading!




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