My hair product staples: The moisturisers/stylers

Some of you that read my blog maybe curious to know what my ‘favourite’ hair care products are, might have read some of my haircare blogpost and yawned out blah, blah, blah or maybe you are like others wanting to know what products I use on my hair. Well I don’t label anything as ‘favourites’ because it could change eventually. However I have some hair products that are here to stay in my stash –for now.

Here are all of my so called favourites in no particular order:

In first place (yes, I know what I said) is the TGIN Green tea super moist leave in conditioner. Below are reasons of why it compliments my hair care routine.

Tgin Green tea leave in

  1. It has a very light watery texture, but don’t be fooled by this because it moisturises  thoroughly for days on end, plus a little goes a long way.
  2. It’s packed with amazing ingredients and has no proteins or glycerin (for those that care)
  3. It has a lot of slip, you will instantly notice this as you apply it on your hair
  4. It comes in 13 fluid ounces and mixes well with gels
 *Terms and conditions apply*- it weirdly smells like relaxer to me or some sort of chemical that you would find in a relaxer, it is quite hard (yes hard, as in it ain’t soft) to squeeze out the product from the bottle. The smell however fades away. Some say it has a tropical like heaven scent, but it doesn’t matter because you never know it could actually smell like floral scent to you. To each their own.

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe whipped butter gel (whatever she says). This butter gel is amazing, it moisturises and defines my hair so well. My hair stays thoroughly moisturised throughout the whole week.

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe whipp

  1. It has a thick whipped buttery consistency just like the name suggests. Regardless of this, it glides on smoothly on the hair
  2. It also has a lot of slip, leaves my hair so soft for days
  3. You don’t need anything else –this is my last stage of styling.
  4. Has similar ingredients with the TGIN leave in conditioner with the inclusion of green tea and exclusion of proteins and glycerin.
  5. 8 fluid ounces container and smells delicious like a vanilla ice cream or muffin (some sort of baked goods).
*You might be tempted to eat it, I know I was. Please store away from children*

Not a lot but I have used my fair share of hair products and these are the ones that made the cut, and have become my staples.

Future posts will focus on my cleansers, shampoos and deep conditioners/hair masks.

Thanks for reading.







  1. I read this and only one thing came to mind. Please know this movie. (grins moronically)

    “God damn, boy. What’s that, some kind of weave or something?”

    It is my natural hair, I have been growing it since birth.

    “What kind of chemical you got in there?”

    I have put no chemicals. Only juices and berries.

    “Ah shiii, that ain’t nothing but Ultra Perm.”

    Liked by 1 person

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