The ingredient list for low porosity hair – Oils

If you are like me, dealing with low porosity hair can be daunting especially when you don’t know where to start. So finding ideal products for moisturising your hair can be a task. To start off, I would like to mention that any information given here is based on what I’ve learnt through personal experience. Hence take it with a pinch of salt (or your favourite seasoning).

Coconut oil: What’s the deal?

There is this worn out idea in the natural hair community about the use of Coconut oil, you might be familiar with the over use of Coconut oil and it’s ability to “fix everything”, but what is the deal with that for those of us with low porosity hair? Now most of the hair products in the market contain Coconut oil as part of the ingredient list, but to what degree –it is uncertain. For instance there is this logic that the first few ingredients on any hair product ingredient list indicates the effectiveness  of the supposed ingredient(s), but the case isn’t always for those with Coconut oil intolerance. There are some products that I have used with Coconut oil at the top of the list that hadn’t left my hair dry, stiff or hard to the touch, (just as it would if you had protein overload or sensitivity) which if you have coconut oil intolerance; you might be familiar with these signs.

So what’s the deal? 

I have noticed it is said that Coconut oil can act as a protein when applied on hair strands with low porosity, whether this is true is yet to be confirmed.

So what now?

There are still ways of using products containing Coconut oil. Aside from using it sparingly, it is important to make sure that if your hair is intolerant to coconut oil that you try not to use products with the oil as the sole ingredient. Make sure that the product in question contains some or most of other oils such as those listed here.

Other alternatives 

Amongst most naturals, there is a hypothesis that low porosity hair is prone to fast amount of build up. In my case I believe that to be true as I always have to be mindful on what products I apply on my hair regardless of using the LCO (Liquid-Cream-Oil) hair moisturising method. So below are some light yet very moisturising oils that I have discovered works well on my low porosity hair plus they don’t easily cause build-up.

  • Aloe Vera oil : It doesn’t  get much of the limelight, (except for now) aside from its counterparts  (gel and juice) but it is a light but very moisturising oil which penetrates the hair shafts effectively, and has now been dubbed number on my most wanted list of oils. Can be used as often as you like.
  • Jojoba oil – Very popular in the natural hair community as the oil closest to the type our dkin naturally produces, but its performance has yielded it high praise. It is a medium-light oil, also very moisturising and doesn’t easily cause build up
  • Grapeseed oil is quite prominent in most styling hair products because It is easily absorbed into the hair  (and skin) and delivers antioxidants deep into the cell tissue.


Hope I left your face with an expression of a raised brow or puzzled look. I also hope this post was useful and if it was please leave a comment below and (or ) hit the like button. Also share to others.

As always if you made it this far on this post, you are much appreciated!

Thanks for reading.

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