The Natural hair starter kit: What you really need (Tools edition)

So from the previous discussion, I wrote about knowing your hair. On today’s post I want to extend further into the natural hair journey essential tool kit for beginners and/ or anyone still trying to figure out what they really need amidst an array of countless options. So for you all, as always I’m going to dive straight in. I hope this post is useful and makes it easier on your pockets and time.

Spray bottles

The first tool item I am going to start with are spray bottles, I personally find it very useful for wetting or dampening the hair and like all of the other items i’m going to list, there are ranges of spray bottles, but only you can decide which suits you best depending on their functions. From the image above, I personally own all, however compared to the flarisol spray and regular spray bottle, I prefer the flarisol spray bottle because it has continuous mist like spray functioning, easy on the hands, 360°c spray rotation(I. E you can spray it at any angle and even when tilted upside down, amazing!) The flarisol spray and curl Keeper mister both have the same functions, just a price difference between them. I bought my flarisol spray/mister from amazon two bottles as a set for the price of £12.99, the extra bottle serves as back up, so far the current bottle I am using is still in good functioning. As for the applicator bottle with the nozzle top, they are great use for applying oils to the scalp for your hot oil treatment or scalp massages. (future blog post coming on that)

Hair clips

Next on the list are hair clips, depending on whichever you choose, they are really essential for sectioning the hair or clipping hair aside when styling. I have the butterfly clip and the duck clip, I use both on different occasions.  For instance on wash day, whilst sectioning my hair during or before washing, I like to use the butterfly clip on each quadrant of section. The duck clips come in handy when I am styling my hair preferably, but you can alternate between either of them. I haven’t tried the Croc clips yet but they seem to be very useful and larger, hence more able to clip larger sections of hair aside. You don’t need all, you just need to know which one will serve more purpose for you, bearing in mind your hairs density and length, (knowing your hair covers this in detail) from the images you would know which is more useful. Also you can purchase these on ebay, amazon or at your local beauty supply store. I remember purchasing a pack of six of the butterfly clip at my local hair shop for £2, likewise the duck clip, but you can always find it for cheaper at the aforementioned websites.

Hair bands

Now this next essential –hair bands or scrunchies, is actually one of the most essential, as choosing wrongly could damage your hair (yep, you heard that right) however there is no right or wrong choice, it all depends on what you want for your hair and if seeing little bulbs of broken hairs don’t bother you, then hey do you boo. Looking at the images above most of us (if not all, and I say all loosely) own the hair band on the left but my guess is only about a handful own or use the satin ruffle on the right (if you do better, say it ain’t so) Am I right, or am I right? Well if you opt for the hair band on the left, I would suggest the thicker the better, but by seeing the word ‘satin’ ruffle kind of says it all for the image on the right. However to each its own. Their are other options in the market, but I decided to go with this two, with reasons. Next!

Sanguine hair scissors

The day I purchased this scissor right here was the day my natural hair changed for good.(seriously! ) Which such precision sharp cut, uhh! My hair was revived, I gave myself the slickest/sleekest hair trim/cut that instantly had my ends looking juicy and alive again. (c’mon! hair is dead). Need I say more? Okay I will, it comes in the black case/pouch as shown above, looks really, really, expensive but I bought mine on amazon for £10.45 (I know!). Oh you ask why you’ll need this? Oh you definitely will need this, drop down your kitchen scissor or any ol rusty, crusty scissor that you have or that you got from poundland or one dollar store (for all my Americans, heyyy!) and get you one of these, “cos you gon need it” like I said I’m not here to waste your time or money (mostly importantly money, “cos less coins spent makes more swing in my steps”, lol just made that up, I digress). Oh and wait what a lovely colour that is, good grip, big enough hole to fit your fingers through,  comfortable to hold and did I mention sharp? You’re welcome!

Shower caps

Shower caps, both plastic and fabric material are essential. Well take a look at the images of the first shower cap, the pink one? See it? I need you to pay a close attention at the image next to it explaining its material. It has microfibre inner lining, and satin outer lining. I bought exactly the same pink one from amazon at a discounted price of £11. It serves double purposes for me, protects my hair when i’m showering and useful to trap in body heat when deep conditioning. However the real reason why I bought this particular shower cap is that it doesn’t attract mould, which was the issue I had with the standard waterproof shower caps sold in stores. Lower down on the list, on the left is the plastic shower cap, which I use mainly for deep conditioning, bought at Amazon for £3.28 for 100 pieces. On the right is a satin/silk scarf, now you can either find it useful or not, but i’ll tell you why I use it, two reasons, first it preserves my hair style for longer, in turn keeps my hair moisturised which saves me time restyling my hair frequently. Secondly it reduces my frizz and protects my hair whilst I’m laying down on a cotton sheet. If your hair is thriving without it then…you know what I am about to say. Well, Next!

Denman D25 fantail comb

I recently purchased the comb as seen above, well let me say this, I use to finger detangle(for a year now) and swore off combs, well not until I met the Denman D25 fantail comb, with smooth bristles and wide spaced teeth and an angled curved shape to assist the comb gliding down the hair. Pick up your traditional wide-tooth comb, look between the teeth/bristle do you see a fine line in between the tooth? Look carefully, well if you do, that my friend Is what I like to call the strand snatcher. Over time it becomes rough and rugged. Well be careful of that, I didn’t  notice this in combs but this Denman comb right here made me to. This comb is so smooth, it doesn’t tug or pull on the hair at all, you won’t have a headache after detangling and the teeth edges aren’t sharp or knobby; they are quite dense and so smooth, you could even use it to massage your scalp. It has a fantail, great for parting hair. The only downside to this comb is that it is needs to be bigger, someone needs to please tell Denman corp to make this comb bigger and also make one for left-handers, due to the way the comb curves it kind of only benefits right-handers when held.


This last part of the list is what I like to call optional. Starting with the paddle brush, it is optional because it depends on what type of hair you have ( check how at knowing your hair) and for what purpose. I own a paddle brush similar to the one on the left side of the picture, and I only use it to blow dry my hair, if need be. Now my favourite new find apart from the Denman comb is this scalp massager by Mornwell ( and no, not vanity planet but better), this scalp massager has been a great find. Well if y’all are familiar with some naturals on YouTube you would know that the ads for such things as scalp massager has been going around like skittles at a night club (no, i’m not going to say what you are thinking). So I bought the vanity planet scalp massager from Amazon for £28 (not sponsored) , and I thought I was holding a ground driller on my palm, boy was that vibration something! Needless to say I couldn’t hold it, so back it went. Then still scouring on Amazon I found the Mornwell scalp massager for half the price at £13.99. Well you ask the difference? It has two vibration settings, the regular setting and a pulsating one and needless to say, it was so much better( the two settings were much needed). Since using this with my essentials oils for scalp massaging my scalp has decreased in itching, normally my scalp would be itchy before the end of the week at which I have to wash my hair but currently I am on day 9. It has made such a difference. I prefer using it in the shower for deep cleansing whilst washing my hair, it is soooo relaxingggg. It is water resistant but not waterproof, so be careful not to submerge it into water, the bristles are very soft and flexible so won’t scratch or tug at your roots. It is just simply amazing. It comes with a screw driver, you screw the battery section open, place an AA battery, screw tight, press the white button and enjoy. Press twice for pulsating vibration.

Well if you made it this far, you are much appreciated.

Stay tuned for more, as I help you through this natural hair journey. Hope to see you back. Share this post to help others out on their natural hair journey too.

If you would like direct link on any of the item above please let me know in the comment section, however it should be fairly easy to find with the details above.

Thanks for reading.


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