LOC method result on my Low Porosity hair| Epic Fail

Since learning about hair porosity and doing the porosity test (hair strand in a cup of water) which determined that I have low porosity hair, I came across different hair moisturising methods (mostly on youtube),  which explained the different variations of LOC (i.e. Leave-in, Oil, Cream)  method for moisturising your hair. After watching different people with low porosity hair like me, I found out that using the LCO (i.e. leave-in, Cream, Oil)  method instead would work best for me. So for the first time, on my wash day couple of weeks before, I decided to try the LOC method on my hair. Needless to say I was horrified and confused on the results which I got, I used the same products as I normally do and to my surprise, the next day when I took out  my four section braids (see my wash day routine where I explain this method), my hair was very dry and felt very brittle and my ends where so fragile. See the pictures below

LOC method result

Notice how the ends of my hair just look like it has been deprived of moisturise for a lifetime.

I felt like I had woken up with a different person’s hair on my head, it was really like a nightmare and It looked a lot worse in reality. I panicked and stared really long at my hair that morning and kept touching my hair to know if I could understand what happened to it the night before. My hair had never felt that brittle before and at this point all I could think of was to layer on a loads of moisturiser, So I frantically grabbed my Shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave-in conditioner and applied it thoroughly on my hair. My hair quickly revived back to normal after doing that. See the difference in pictures below after moisturising my hair.

After moisturising my hair with the leave-in conditioner
After moisturising my hair with the leave-in conditioner

Since that day I have gone back to using the LCO method which works really well for my low porosity hair and this method (along with the products I use ) helps my hair to remain moisturised throughout the week. I think the reason why my hair reacted so awful to the LOC method was because I didn’t use the oil as the final sealant to avoid all the moisture and prior products from escaping, I guess this stage was very critical and vital to ensure that moisture is locked into the hair strands, so it makes sense using an oil to create a barrier to seal the hair shaft and prevent the moisture from escaping oppose to other way.

I Hope this post has been helpful to anyone that is wondering why the LOC might not work for their hair.

Keep the conversation flowing : Have you experienced immense dryness using the LOC method on your hair and if so, what is your hair porosity and what method do you think works best for your hair? Write it down in the comment section

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  1. I also have low porosity hair. I used to moisturize with the LOC method but when I tried the LCO method, it was so much better. Now, I only do the LCO method, sealing with shea or cocoa butter afterwards. Interesting post👍


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