Going Natural | Lessons Learnt

While on this journey of having natural hair, loads of  mistakes were made but the lessons learned are the most important part of this journey and it’s still a learning process. Sometimes there were moments of paranoia and even contemplation’s of starting over. However it has also been an amazing journey and as much asIi have learnt so much about natural hair, in general I have also learnt so much about myself. I have watched so many amazing naturals on YouTube and having interacted with so many beautiful natural natural hair bloggers.  Now, below I’ll share all that I have learnt and tips for going and being natural.  You can also check out my natural hair journey. Hope you enjoy.

  • First and foremost, it is your hair an no one else’s, Your hair is unique to you
  • Before going natural, find out why you are choosing to go natural and do your research, about hair textures, methods and products (you’ll need this bit of information in the long run and just in case you decide to fall off)
  • The overall health of your hair is more important than length (length is a byproduct of healthy and moisture filled hair)
  • A big chop might be a more easier option than transitioning if you don’t want to deal with two textures and if at first you don’t succeed, you can cut it off and try again.
  • There is nothing wrong with shrinkage, Ask yourself which is better, a moisture filled shrunken hair, or a dry thirsty straw like hair, that is possibly prone to breakage? (the choice is yours)
  • Being natural might not be a walk in the park for you, you might practically have to thoroughly learn (all that you didn’t know when relaxed) about natural hair.
  • Try not to detangle your hair like there is no tomorrow, detangling (preferably with a Denman brush for me)  on wet hair with conditioner could be a lot easier and less strenuous on your strands, this could be done during wash days. For me, I detangle my hair with a brush once a week on wash day
  • It is possible to finger detangle on “type 4 hair”, it could be daunting , but it is a better option if you frequently have to detangle your hair (working in sections of four/more, will help make it easier, in the long run, you’ll reduce shedding and breakage)
  • Frequently blow drying your hair with heat might not always be a good thing, Air drying is a lot beneficial.
  • Get acquainted with some natural hair methods like the LOC, LCO, and LOCO depending on your hair density, texture, and porosity. (You might need to understand how to care for your hair better and how to moisturise your hair better)
  •  It is not a race, be patient, it is possible to have a TWA for 2 years. Remember everyone’s hair is different likewise their experience.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, even if you need to do this twice in a day, Moisture freaakking… rise! (natural hair can dry up like a desert, literally!) Oh and focus on your ends, if you know the saying, say it with me “because it is the oldest part of….”” you get the drift
  • Less is more, some of us might have a mini hair store or an ‘Ulta’ or ‘Walmart, in our homes.
  • Leave all the oil concoctions and potions for a chemist, for the meantime stick to one oil  that works for your hair.
  • Not everything in a Naturals Starter Pack is for you, Oh and have you heard of Coco….Not for you! and what about Eco “Still waiting on the day my hair will accept it as gel not water” Gel!
  •  Natural hair in all shapes, sizes and textures are beautiful, however don’t delude yourself thinking you can gel your way into a different texture.
  • Co-washing might not be for you, however have you met my friend shampoo?
  • Deep conditioning your hair should be as vital as moisturising your hair, your hair will thank you.
  • Take pictures from the beginning and keep a progress album of your hair, you might think it hasn’t grown, you might be wrong.
  • Simple and low manipulation hair styles might be better for your hair in the long run if you want to retain length and reduce shedding.
  • Eat a healthy well balanced diet and consume loads of water,  just like anything on the surface, if you want it to look good, you have to work on the inside too.
  • If your ends don’t look good, “you need to cut it”, you could schedule a trim/dusting every three months or as preferred.
  • Create your own regimen and stick with it, if ain’t broke don’t try to fix it
  • Your scalp health is as important as your hair, if not the most important.
  • And most importantly love you hair , you hair is beautiful.

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  1. Great post, The most important thing I learnt while on my natural hair journey is getting my ends trimmed. Having single strand knots is not good and it’s about that time for me to get another trim. And keeping my hair moisture is another thing because my hair tends to get really dry.

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