Natural Hair Care Posts Coming Soon to OilySEN

Hey there,

Just to let you all know, I will be featuring a Hair care blog posts on OilySEN (Skincare blog), so stay tuned for that. I’ll be sharing my whole natural hair journey which I have started a new one (well sort of) and will be sharing ways that I look after my natural hair and it’s multitude of issues, (there are a lot!) how I manage my scalp Psoriasis and what products and methods that have helped me through this journey with my low porosity hair. Hope you all join me in this journey as mention some of the issues that most naturals don’t talk much about or don’t mention at all.

Meanwhile head over to OilySEN to check out my blog post on my morning skincare routine/ make-up routine I will also be posting more make-up related products for my Oily skin peeps out there (another good reason to check it out) 🙂

P.S I’ll be planning some more fashion posts on this blog, so stay tuned. I won’t leave y’all hanging on that. Things have been hectic, but I am slowly getting back on it.

Thanks for Liking, Sharing and Subscribing guys, it really means a lot to me, the support motivates me to keep releasing more contents. So a massive thank you to all of you! (virtual hugs :))


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