2016 Skincare Favourites/ Empties

2016 Skincare Faves
The Bodyshop Skincare favourites

As the year is almost at its end, I decided what better time than now to share with you all the skincare products that I discovered through the course of the year which have come to be my all time favourite. Here is to the skincare products that have held me through this year! Enjoy!

Well these products are all from The Bodyshop, it was recommended to me by a staff member at one of their branch stores in London. These products have improved my skin tremendously, (No Brag!) yes I mean it. In the past I used to use The Bodyshop skincare products but I mostly used their tea tree face wash and body wash, which were great, but throughout my skincare journey, I began to dabble in and out of ‘high-end’ products and found myself slowly to fully withdrawing from past products that I used to love which included products from The Bodyshop. Out of share grace! I was strolling around a shopping centre and decided to step into the Bodyshop to pick up an item that I had watched a good review of it on YouTube. Right there I was, a lady that appeared to work in the shop, approached me and recommended some products from their face skincare line. At first I was sceptical and nonchalant, thinking there goes another skincare sales person doing their job trying to “sell” me products that might probably be a waste of y time (that’s what I think in such situations most of the time) but mind decided to listen to what she had to say and the rest is history. Might I add, I never saw that lady again to thank her for these recommendations. Yes, that day was the first and to my surprise also the last day I saw her.

2016 skincare faves/empties

Well let me start with my most favourite products which as you can see from the picture on the left, I have also emptied the contents out. These are as much as I have used up during the past six months.

The first product is for all my make-up appliers that need something very efficient and calming to get rid of all traces of makeup, including the waterproof ones.

Skincare faves 2016
The Chamomile cleansing butter by The Bodyshop

This product which is the Chamomile Cleansing Butter by The Bodyshop does just what it says, it melts off all traces of make-up and cleanses your skin too. This product right here made me to stop using face wipes to take off my make-up. It is that great! and it doesn’t clog my pores rather it cleanses my skin so thoroughly that using a face wash afterwards can be optional. When mixed with water, it creates a very very light lather on the skin which helps to properly cleanse off the skin of any residue. Another reason I love this product is that as it cleanses thoroughly, it does not strip the skin but rather leaves it soft and moisturised. As you can see from this picture, I have used up quite a lot and have stocked up some more. Also with this product, a little goes along due to its light buttery texture which is a bonus because for each of this 76g/90ml container it’s sold at a price of £10 but the good news is that The Bodyshop always have discounts and offers  both online and in stores, so you can easily replenish your own stock for cheaper. Don’t just take my word for it, make sure you try one out to see for yourself, as it also comes in travel size testers just in case you don’t want to spend a tenna (£10) for it. Thank me later.

The Bodyshop Tea tree anti-imperfection solution drops (left) and Tea skin clearing mattifying toner (right)
The Bodyshop Tea tree anti-imperfection solution drops (left) and Tea skin clearing mattifying toner (right)

Let me just Say, these products on the picture by the left changed my skincare routine a ton! I don’t know where to begin. Well let me just dive right in by saying that this has controlled by breakouts by one to none! they are a great duo. The actual one responsible for clearing and controlling my spot breakouts is the first one with the pointy lid. It is called the Tea Tree Anti-imperfection daily solution drops. It does what is says on the bottle, but this i mean, on the actual product packaging, it explains how it works and that’s was exactly how it worked on my skin. On the first week it purged my skin off all the underlying spots and brought to the surface which all cleared off by the second week and by the third week my spots were all reduced to a very few, then by the fourth week, there were no new spots and the old ones had faded. In conjunction with the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner (Does exactly what the name implies) my skin felt very smooth and appeared clearer. I don’t want to babble on too much about these products, just give it a try and for sure thank me later.


That’s all peeps for this read in order to avoid it being excessively long 🙂

On next post I will introduce to you more of my 2016 favourite skincare products also will be featuring some hits and miss. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

Until Next time Oilysens

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