Savvyzone Is Back!!!….and Better

Miss me?

Hope so, because Savvyzone is making a come back this summer.

I’m gonna skip all the un-necessary long story and cut it short my saying, if you were wondering where I was or what happened to Savvy for a year now, the response is….LIFE! Yes life happened, but I’m kicking that all aside now and getting back on track this summer (although in London, UK, not quite sure with this bipolar weather). I have been so preoccupied lately and I just thought why am I wasting all this time doing things I don’t love when I could be investing time doing things which I love and what better time or season to start than now.

This time, I am switching it up a bit by starting a new chapter, showing you Savvy lovers along the way my daily outfits of my ever- changing wardrobe and lovely key pieces that I have discovered through out the year that are very stylish and elegantly unique, combining both chic-casual/minimalist and sporty-chic, and other laid-back styles and more (with Savvy style mark).

So peeps keep your eyes pierced on this blog .





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