Thoroughly Refreshed Face From a Swipe Of A Wipe – A Drugstore Edition

Tea tree and camomile extract sensitive face cleansing wipe by superdrug
Tea tree and camomile extract sensitive face cleansing wipe by Superdrug

This tea tree with camomile extract wipes by Superdrug is one of the face cleansing wipes that leaves your skin thoroughly refreshed and cleansed creating the effect of a refreshing splash of water on your face from a fresh morning face wash. You get the drift!

The Tea Tree and Camomile extract sensitive face cleansing wipes by Superdrug 

So for quite a while now, I have been trying some few products from the Superdrug product line and I could definitely say that I have discovered quite a few very interesting and beneficial skincare product that are very affordable and effective. This tea tree sensitive face wipes with camomile extract, is one of the product I came across that delivers a very thoroughly cleansed feeling on the first use. Costing less than £2 it creates a totally refreshed cleansed face just like a face wash would. I have used quite a few of cleansing products and wipes and I’m glad to add this one amongst the range of the best face cleansing products I have used thus far. (click here and here for similar posts).

The Tea Tree and camomile extract sensitive face wipe by Superdrug on Oily and Sensitive skin

With the natural anti-bacterial benefits of tea tree oil and the soothing benefit of camomile extract, makes this wipe a must have for oily and sensitive skin types and not forgetting problem skin types aswell. Just one wipe delivers a very thoroughly cleansed refreshed feeling on the skin. All that grease and dirt accumulated throughout the day is effectively removed with a swipe and so gently it soothes as it cleanses while also leaving the skin feeling soft and moisturised. I can definitely say that if you are feeling lazy to have a face wash, this wipe is capable of delivering the effect of freshly washed face. I was amazed to discover of all these benefits from this wipe. I’m currently using this face wipe as my cleanser for the meantime because I love how it serves as my face wash on a wipe. So convenient and effective!

More on Superdrug Tea Tree Sensitive Wipes 30

Sensitive Facial Cleansing Wipes, effectively eliminates impurities and removes make-up for a clean, refreshed complexion.


With natural Tea Tree Oil and Camomile Extract. Dermatologically approved.
Superdrug Tea Tree Facial Wipes for sensitive skin are specially formulated with Tea Tree Oil, renowned for it’s natural purifying and antibacterial properties, to help promote a clearer, healthier-looking complexion. Infused with soothing Camomile Extract, they refresh and cleanse the skin from dirt, impurities, excess oil and make-up, leaving it feeling clean and soft. Superdrug Tea Tree Range – a gentle, yet effective anti-blemish solution


Size (30 wipes)  Unit (EA) Height (9) Width (12.5) Depth (5)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post

As always, if you do use this product don’t forget to comment on how it worked for you, I would love to know. Share and Subscribe for more. Thanks for reading. Until next time OilySENs!

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